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Yellowstone's wolves: Lamar Canyon Pack

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Photographer: Sarah Fenton
Species: Wolf
Date taken: 07-23-2011
Date posted: 04-29-2014
Caption: Wolf moving through the sage brush in Lamar Valley on the north side of the road and just west of the Buffalo Ranch heading west.
Notes: There is speculation that this wolf may be Butterface from the Lamar Canyon Pack. The wolf was first sighted near the Lamar Canyon Den just north of the hitching post. She was in the tree line on the western face of the mountain. The wolf followed the ridge line and headed west. The wolf continued heading west. After the wolf passed the Lamar Buffalo Ranch, the wolf switched directions a few times as she hunted until she was lost from sight. The whole duration the wolf was on the northern side of the road. This photo was taken later in the day on 7/23/11.