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Yellowstone's wolves: Lamar Canyon Pack

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Photographer: Max Venturi  (Max's web site)
Species: Wolf
Date taken: 02-05-2016
Date posted: 03-01-2016
Caption: Just short time after Mollies Pack attack and kill Blackie..
Notes: We arrived in the area and we quickly realized that in the night the Mollies had hit hard. They had attacked and killed one of the sick and black wolves and injured other one.. In fact, our first sighting was one of the blacks wolves moving away in the snow with difficulty, not only for mange but why hurt. And under a tree not far, the other's black wolf dead. As we watched the area, trying to spot the culprits in the background a whole mountain began to howl .. The howl of victory of Mollies. A powerful howling, long, sharp, fantastic and horrific at the same time