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Photographer: Peter Dettling  (Peter's web site)
Species: Wolf
Date taken: 03-28-2016
Date posted: 04-09-2016
Caption: Junction Butte Wolves moving through Little America
Notes: March 28, 2016 Little America – Sighting of the Junction Butte wolves. A minimum of 4 Junction Butte wolves moving through Little America rather swiftly. Two black and two grey, including one collared grey one, which quite likely was the breeding male 911M. There may have been a fifth (black) wolf, but cannot confirm with images. 911M was limping and hesitated to step on his hind right foot. He nonetheless trotted quickly through the plains. We observed the wolves moving through bison herds and the hilly landscape of Little America. We also observed some howling between the wolves as they moved through not as a "unit", but rather spread out at times. Finally we observed one black wolf crossing the road and apparently one other wolf already had crossed the road before ( color unknown - although Rick McIntyre was there also that day and he told us of the wolf, that already had crossed the road). At the end we saw and heard how two grey wolves were howling forth and back on the north side of the Lamar River, close to the bridge ( one was the collared one 911M) until they had reunited and then moved on. That is where we lost track of all the Junction Butte wolves.