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Yellowstone's wolf packs—Tower

Towards the end of 2000, wolves from the Rose Creek pack (161M, 162M, 192M, 155F, and three uncollared wolves) split off to form the Tower pack. This new pack seemed to become an intermediate step in full dispersal for these wolves and the pack never reproduced. Wolf 208M (also from the Rose Creek pack) joined the Tower Creek pack in January 2001. Later that year, wolves 155F and 161M dispersed and formed the Freezeout pack. In the same year, wolves 192M and 162M dispersed to form the Bechler pack and join the Green River pack, respectively. By March 2002 only 2 wolves remained (208M and an uncollared gray) and they were not a cohesive pair, often being seen without the other. Wolf 208M died of unknown causes in April 2003, ending the Tower Creek pack’s tenure.

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