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Yellowstone's wolves: Lamar Canyon Pack

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Species: Wolf
Date taken: 03-18-2015
Date posted: 04-02-2015
Caption: Lamar Canyon Grey Pup
Notes: This pup was crossing Soda Butte Creek to visit a Bison skull. This pup was one of the five Lamar Canyon pups to visit an chew on this skull. The day started at the east end of the soda butte creek valley at an old (about three months) bison carcass where the pups had been scavenging for a couple of days. The alpha male had been killed a few days earlier and the alpha female was not around. Two or three of the black pups (including 967M) moved west down stream on the north side of the road in the early afternoon. Lamar Canyon Pup 1 in the photos crossed the road to the south and found a bison skull on the north side of the creek. This grey and one of the black pups were the last to visit the skull. Location for all photos is about 150 yards west of the Footbridge pullout. All 6 pups eventually crossed the road one at a time and 5 visited the skull. Only 967M did not visit the skull while we were observing.