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Yellowstone Wolf: Tracking the Packs

Yellowstone's wolves: Canyon Pack

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Species: Wolf
Date taken: 09-09-2015
Date posted: 09-12-2015
Caption: Light colored with dark ring around tail
Notes: We observed this wolf on September 9, 2015 near the Gibbon River between Norris Basin and Madison Campground, approximate GPS coordinates were 44.6944 N, 110.7458 W. The wolf was on the west side of Highway 89 next to the river and loping at a regular gait eastward. It crossed the highway and continued east through the meadow. A Yellowstone Association guide said that it was probably the white, alpha female of the Canyon Pack who had never been collared so she didn’t have a number. The guide also said she was the daughter of 540F of the Hayden Pack and mother of the alpha female of the new Wapiti Pack (formerly 755’s group). It looked like she had just eaten a meal as her stomach looked round.