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Yellowstone's wolves: 926F from Lamar Canyon Pack

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Species: Wolf
Date taken: 01-24-2016
Date posted: 02-28-2016
Caption: 926F fleeing Mollies?
Notes: This picture of Lamar Canyon Alpha Female was taken about an hour after the Mollie pack had scattered during the collaring operation which took place on January 24 2016. I was parked in the first pullout east of Soda Butte watching a fox when I heard wolves howling on the north side of the road beyond the hill which runs down to the road. There were two distinct groups howling - one very close and the other seemingly further from the road. Suddenly a wolf (926F) crested the hill running towards me at full speed. It raced down the hill to within 60 yards of where I was standing before turning to the east and running parallel to the road. Two other members of the Lamar Canyon pack appeared further east close to the road. They crossed over the road and headed down to Soda Creek which they crossed before turning to the east. 926F did the same about 5 minutes later. My guess is that the 3 Lamars may have been spotted and chased by some of the Mollie pack after they had scattered due to the helicopter. 926F looked like it was running for its life!