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Photographer:   (Peter's web site)
Species: Wolf
Date taken: 04-03-2016
Date posted: 04-10-2016
Caption: Unknown Wolf coming face to face with a grizzly bear near bison carcass
Notes: A drowned bison laying in a Blacktail Pond attracted a variety of scavengers. A single, light black colored and collared male wolf was present near the carcass around 6.30 am, April 2nd. It could have been 763M? The wolf retreated a few hundred meters and started to howl starting at 7:15am. The wolf finally left the area in the direction where I thought I heard distant wolf calls coming from the north. The next morning, April 3rd, there were a total of 4 wolves present, three from the Prospect Peak Wolves (two were collared,821F and 763M? The third one looked very much like 763M?, but wasn’t collared). The fourth wolf seems to have been either a former Prospect Peak wolf or a dispersal from another territory. The rumor went around that this fourth wolf was a female, who was kicked out earlier by the family. However, I photographed this wolf as he was peeing in a male subordinate’s way. Also interesting, this male was visibly larger than the collared black male (763M?), but showed submissive behaviour as he was approached by him. Soon after, around 7:20am, the “intruder” was chased away by the Prospects before they left the area. At 10:30am the lone black wolf was back and stayed in the immediate area of the carcass until at the very least April 6th as night fell. During those “epic” days the lone wolf showed incredible behaviour. Courageously he came face to face with the large male grizzly bear feasting on the bison carcass (see photo).