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Yellowstone's wolves: 949M

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Species: Wolf
Date taken: 06-14-2016
Date posted: 04-15-2018
Caption: #949 (on right) one of 3 wolves waiting for female Grizzly to finish eating on Elk
Notes: Driving North on Beartooth Highway, I saw one, then 2, then 3 wolves on the right in meadow just past Top of the World store on on June 14, 2016 just after 6:30am. I pulled over and began photographing from truck and then noticed Grizzly in creek near road feeding on a dead Elk -- and it appeared the wolves were waiting their turn to feed. It was my first ever sighting of a Wolf OR a Grizzly. The Bear turned and left into the woods as soon as she saw me, but the wolves would not come down to the Elk carcass while I was there so close. I took several photos, most of the closest wolf (949) and then decided to drive up the road to turn around, and try to sneak back up on the wolves again. As I approached about 15 minutes later, 2 wolves were dragging a huge chunk of bloody meat up into the forest. 949 remained in the meadow for some time before also retreating into the forest. I was able to identify 949 several months later by comparing the photos I had taken that day to one a YNP "wolf follower" posted on Facebook. It was then I learned that he had joined up with the Lamar Wolf Pack (as Alpha?) Last Fall (2017) I learned that 949 had been found dead. This was singularly the most incredible experience with wildlife that I have EVER had.