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Species: Wolf
Date taken: 09-09-2018
Date posted: 02-23-2020
Caption: Collared wolf looking back after road crossing
Notes: It was approx. 3pm and we had hiked Avalanche Peak and were heading back to our lodging. A black wolf (gray in face) ran in front of our vehicle. We had to brake to avoid collision. The wolf disappeared and we had another vehicle close behind, so continued driving until finding a safe pull off near a clear grassy area. There was a lone bison laying down in the field area. We couldn't believe what had happened and as we scanned the area, the black wolf popped up in the grass quite a distance away and began moving towards the bison. At some point, another smaller gray wolf appeared in tow a ways behind the black wolf. As we were watching the 2 wolves (a large crowd had assembled), we heard a howl off in the distance (incredible!) We continued to photo the wolves at some distance as they crossed the grassy area towards a tree line. We heard noise in the brush near the shoulder and I turned to see the wolf pictured emerge from the brushy area/tree line that ran perpendicular to the road and cross the road a few feet in front of our vehicle. I immediately stopped photoing the other 2 wolves and got in the car. My boyfriend snapped a picture as the wolf casually trotted across the road (before joining me in the vehicle) and then I took his camera and was lucky enough to snap the uploaded picture of this collared wolf (3rd or perhaps 4th wolf - at the time, we thought there were 3 at one point in the grassy area - and this wolf was either one of those or a 4th).