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Yellowstone Wolf: Tracking the Packs

Yellowstone's wolves: Black from Wapiti Lake Pack

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Species: Wolf
Date taken: 09-17-2020
Date posted: 10-12-2020
Caption: Black (female?) at a kill site in the middle of the Yellowstone River south of Elk Antler Creek.
Notes: The black pictured and a gray had been working on a few day old kill. The gray had moved off to a hilltop to the NE. The black later joined the gray on the hilltop. The two cam back down to a place about 500 feet east of the kill and bedded in the grass and were joined by yet another Black. The pictured black left the other two to come back to the kill. About an hour after this photo was taken the White alpha female arrived to have a turn at the kill. This black considered approaching the White but then thought better of it and kept her distance.