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Yellowstone Wolf: Tracking the Packs

Yellowstone's wolves: 926F from Lamar Canyon Pack

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Species: Wolf
Date taken: 10-20-2013
Date posted: 10-21-2013
Caption: Lamar Black Female and Big Gray ran parallel to the road for over an hour. Viewing lasted from about 10:50 to 12:15. Black crossed road from north to south but BG would not probably because of people, so she came back across road and they ultimately d
Notes: She crossed back over the road probably because big gray would not cross. I believe they were going up into the trees to wait out all the people. Probably about 10 photographers and about 10 other watchers. 7 or 8 cars parked on road. She does not seem to be particulary bothered by people watching her. Before she crossed road, she doubled back one time for about 1/4 mile and trotted back and stopped twice to howl. Then BG appeared out of the trees and moved east parallel to the road, and she turned around the headed back east and then crossed the road to the south. When BG clearly was not going to cross, she appeared back of the north side.