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Yellowstone's wolf packs—Lamar Canyon Pack

After the Druid Peak pack dissolved in February 2010, the Lamar Canyon pack formed and would eventually take over the historic Druid Peak pack territory. The three original adults included the alpha female from the Lava Creek pack known as “06 Female” (later fitted with a radio collar and identified as 832F), and two brothers that were briefly associated with the Druid Peak pack (755M Lamar Canyon alpha & 754M). Two radio-collared wolves, including the alpha female (832F) and the beta-male (754M), were legally harvested in Wyoming in late 2012. A new alpha pair replaced 832F and 755M, who subsequently left the pack. By August 2013, the pack consisted of 8 wolves including the alpha pair (“Big Gray” and “Middle Gray”) a subordinate adult female (“The Black Female”), a previous pack-member (859M), and two black pups. By September 2013, the pack dissolved and the fate of most of the wolves was unknown. “Big Gray” and “The Black Female” remained together as the new alpha pair and only pack members. In January 2014, both wolves were radio-collared as 925M (“Big Gray”) and 926F (“The Black Female”). The pair produced six pups in 2014. In March of 2015, 925M was killed by Prospect Peak wolves and 926F began associating with several Prospect Peak pack males (“Twin,” 965M, “Dark Black,” and “Mottled Black”). Lamar wolves suffered from severe mange in 2016, when they lost two litters of pups and multiple wolves dispersed back to the Beartooth Pack east of the Park. By the end of 2016, they were down for 4 (949M, 926F, "Little T", "Dot") wolves with slight mange infections. Little T and 926F were both bred by 949M in 2017, but we saw no pups emerge after denning – probably due to canine distemper virus. 949M died from a combination of mange, canine distemper, and emaciation in August 2017. As of 2018, Little T has displayed dominance over her mother and become alpha female. We witnessed 5 black pups survive from the 2018 breeding season (the first surviving litter in 3 years)! It is unclear whether Little T or 926F are the mother (or both). Throughout winter, however, it was clear only 2 pups survived. 926F was legally harvested east of the park in the Montana harvest in November 2018. The Lamars denned successfully in 2019 and produced at least 4 pups which survived to the end of the year. The pack is seen occasionally in Round Prairie and east Lamar Valley. The Lamar Canyon pack is no longer considered a YNP wolf pack. [Updated 5/4/2020]

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Past pack members

ID Social status Age class Color Sex Age Mange status Birth year Birth pack Death year Description
755MUnknownBlackMale15Uninfected2008This black wolf is turning gray, so he is often mistaken as a gray wolf. He has travelled widely for years, joining new packs or forming his own. He founded the Wapiti Lake Pack in 2015 with an uncollared gray female. He may have joined the Beartooth Pack in late 2016.
820FSubordinateUnknownGrayFemale12Uninfected2011Lamar Canyon Pack820F has not been seen with the Lamar Canyon Pack for all of the 2013 denning season. It is unknown if she is alone or travelling with other wolves.
856MSubordinateUnknownGrayMale?UninfectedHoodoo PackVery light gray. Not seen in the park since spring 2013, likely with other pack-mates previously with the Lamar Canyon Pack.
859MSubordinateUnknownBlackMale11Uninfected2012Lamar Canyon Pack
925MAlphaUnknownGrayMale13Uninfected20102015This large male has a kink in his right ear but it seems to have full function. Born in 2009 or 2010. 925M died after being attacked by the Prospect Peak pack in March of 2015.
926FSubordinateUnknownBlackFemale12Uninfected2011Lamar Canyon Pack2018Has notch in right ear and a graying face. Her collar fell off in the summer 2018, although she is very recognizable and is still referred to by her collar ID: 926F. 926F was legally harvested outside of the Park in November, 2018.
949MAlphaUnknownBlackMale12Infected20112017Born into the Beartooth Pack east of the Park, and first collared by Wyoming Game and Fish Department, he joined Lamar Canyon in late 2016 as alpha male. He suffered from severe mange 2016-2017, making him appear brownish-black. In August 2017, he died from a combination of mange, canine distemper virus, and emaciation.
965MSubordinateUnknownGrayMale?Uninfected2016Harvested outside of the Park in December 2016.
967MSubordinateUnknownBlackMale92014Lamar Canyon Pack2016
993MAlphaUnknownBlackMale?Uninfected2016993M probably died while hunting in June 2016 while up Cache Creek.
Little TAlphaUnknownBlackFemale9Uninfected2014Lamar Canyon PackShe has a white triangle on her chest and a white muzzle.
Small DotAlphaUnknownBlackMale8Uninfected2015BeartoothHe came into the Park from the Beartooth Pack in 2016. He has a small white dot on his chest and limps on his back right leg.
Tall GrayAlphaUnknownGrayMale?UninfectedHoodoo PackNot seen in the park since spring 2013, likely with other pack-mates previously with the Lamar Canyon Pack.
Middle GrayUnknownGrayFemale13Uninfected2010Lamar Canyon PackBreeding female from the Lamar Canyon Pack
776F (uncollared)AlphaUnknownGrayFemale13Uninfected2010Lamar Canyon PackBlack tail-tip continues on underside of tail. Not seen in the park since spring 2013, likely with other pack-mates previously with the Lamar Canyon Pack.