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Yellowstone's wolf packs—755M & 889F Group

After 755M left the Lamar Canyon pack, he was observed with two different females over the 2013 summer until he met up with 889F (previous member of the Junction Butte pack). 889F denned unsuccessfully with 890M (previous Junction Butte pack member, and current alpha male of the Junction Butte pack) during the same summer. The 2014 breeding season changed group dynamics as 755M was observed near the Junction Butte alphas and the black adult female. After the breeding season, 755M, 889F, 911M (previous Blacktail wolf) and the black adult female from Junction Butte were observed together, with 911M and the Junction black adult female appearing to be dominant. As denning season approached, 755M and 889F became autonomous again but 889F has not appeared to den, or if she did den she did not appear to den successfully. By May 2014, this pair no longer traveled together.

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Past pack members

ID Social status Age class Color Sex Age Mange status Birth year Birth pack Death year Description
755MUnknownBlackMale15Uninfected2008This black wolf is turning gray, so he is often mistaken as a gray wolf. He has travelled widely for years, joining new packs or forming his own. He founded the Wapiti Lake Pack in 2015 with an uncollared gray female. He may have joined the Beartooth Pack in late 2016.
889FUnknownBlackFemale12Uninfected20112014She was radio-collared as a Junction Butte wolf in winter 2013 and denned unsuccessfully in 2013 as a pair with 890M. During Fall 2013, she traveled with 755M but they also failed to den in 2014. She was harvested during the 2014 wolf hunt.
911MAlphaUnknownGrayMale14Uninfected20092017Birth year 2010 or 2011. This wolf was with the Blacktail alpha male (778M) from fall 2013 until the 2014 breeding season. Later in the winter he was with 755M, 889F, and a black adult female from the Junction Butte pack. During the 2014 denning season, he and the Junction Butte black adult female re-joined the Junction Butte pack. He previously had mange but appears to have recovered. He was killed in September 2016 by Prospect Peak wolves.