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Yellowstone's wolves: 911M from Junction Butte Pack

Facts about 911M
Social status: Alpha
Age class: Adult
Color: Gray
Sex: Male
Age: 14
Mange status: Uninfected
Birth year: 2009
Birth pack:
Death year: 2017
Number of photos: 18
Description: Birth year 2010 or 2011. This wolf was with the Blacktail alpha male (778M) from fall 2013 until the 2014 breeding season. Later in the winter he was with 755M, 889F, and a black adult female from the Junction Butte pack. During the 2014 denning season, he and the Junction Butte black adult female re-joined the Junction Butte pack. He previously had mange but appears to have recovered. He was killed in September 2016 by Prospect Peak wolves.