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Yellowstone's wolves: 1047M from Junction Butte Pack

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Photographer:   (Mike's web site)
Species: Wolf
Date taken: 11-09-2017
Date posted: 06-28-2019
Caption: 1047M joins up with the Junction Pack - injures leg
Notes: After 1047M became a viable member of the Junction Pack (having dispersed from the Prospects) he also became the alpha male. However, he badly injured his leg and although he was able to limp from place to place -- he often fell behind the pack when they would make one of their ambushing hunting runs. Especially when the weather was bad, 1047 would often become stranded by himself, because he could not keep up with the pack. I watched as he howled and howled for help and to my astonishment his brother came to him, and escorted him back to the pack - twice in one day! In spite of his badly injured leg he still remained the alpha. As of this writing (June 2019) he is still limping and still the alpha of the Junction Pack, although his limp is not as bad as before.