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Yellowstone's wolves: 712M from Canyon Pack

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Species: Wolf
Date taken: 12-03-2016
Date posted: 06-30-2017
Caption: Canyon Pack on a fresh calf elk.
Notes: While looking for Pygmy Owls on my way home, I spotted a large group of elk clustered tightly North of the High Bridge. A couple named Kirsty and Alan had noticed the same thing. They parked and watched South of the bridge and I set up to the North. About ten minutes later they spotted the younger black Canyon along the Gardiner River under the bridge. They had to go, so I drove across and parked to the South. I then hiked Northeast with the intent of reaching the confluence @ Lava Creek. About 400 yards from the water were 2 grays and the black they had seen. Because I had watched the Canyons the previous two summers I thought it was them. Just after I set up my tripod I heard timber breaking clear up by my truck. The next thing I knew a small bunch of elk came running within 30 feet of me headed directly for the wolves. The elk emerged next to the three wolves I had been watching, but in addition they had the grey female 3 year old right on their heels. 712M appeared on the other side of the Gardiner River. He grabbed one of the calves by the neck off the bank and held on while the other four wolves took the calf down in the water. In the photo you will see them after they drug the elk just East of the Confluence. As I write this it is now March of 2017. 712M should be turning 11. The grey female should be 4. The larger black and grey left would be 2, and the remaining grey is 1. The white female showed up afterwards. Sorry for all the blood.