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Yellowstone's wolves: 926F from Lamar Canyon Pack

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Photographer:   (Mike's web site)
Species: Wolf
Date taken: 07-01-2013
Date posted: 06-29-2019
Caption: My first meeting with 926
Notes: In July, 2013 I saw her for the the first time. She was traveling with her future mate at the time, 925 - although I dont think they were a mated pair yet. The previous evening we watched a grizzly bear stalking bison next to Soda Butte Creek, but we lost sight of this scenario when darkness fell, preventing us from seeing anything. Early the next morning (about 7AM) we were back at the same location and found that the grizzly took a bison overnight. Somehow, 926 and 925 got access to the carcass and that is where we found them the next morning: bathing and drinking from Soda Butte Creek.