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Photographer: Cindy Pritt
Species: Wolf
Date taken: 04-10-2015
Date posted: 04-15-2015
Caption: Black with pink nose
Notes: We were driving East toward Lava Creek picnic area when a wolf crossed the road from an unseen carcass to the left of the road to the right side of the road carrying some kind of organ. Another, apparently younger black wolf followed shortly after. When the pink nosed wolf crossed back onto the left side of the road and down into the creek bed out of sight, that left the other wolf to eat. She eventually picked up the organ and went back behind the trees when other cars started stopping. We moved on. They were there for 2 days and there were other wolves including Grays present, though my battery died. Apparently (according to others who spent time watching them) there were 6 wolves present just out of sight.