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Yellowstone's wolf packs—Bechler

Because of the remoteness of this pack, a lot is unknown about it. The pack was discovered in 2002 from reports of tracks and sightings in the southwest region of the park. Initial observations indicated that the pack had 2 adults and 2 pups when it was discovered. The alpha male (192M) was a distinctively white wolf originally radio-collared as a member of the Rose Creek pack. Before the Bechler pack was discovered, the Bechler region had the lowest density of recorded wolf use in the entire park. Until 2012 this pack spent most of the year within the park boundaries, periodically travelling into Wyoming and Idaho during the winter. In 2006, wolf 543M was fitted with a satellite telemetry collar, allowing biologists to track pack movements from their office in mammoth, but the collar lasted less than a year. In 2009 the alpha male (192M) died at over 12 years old, the oldest recorded wolf in the park, and left the entire pack without a radio-collar. Data on this pack has subsequently been collected from aerial surveys and reports from park staff. In fall 2012, the pack became designated as a non-park pack indicating that most of their time is spent outside of the park.

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