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Yellowstone's wolf packs—Junction Butte Pack

The Junction Butte pack formed in April 2012 when 838M dispersed from the Agate Creek pack with two females. The two Agate females quickly disappeared but later that month 838M was seen with two new unknown females and an uncollared gray adult nicknamed “Puff”, originally from the Blacktail Deer Plateau pack. During the first year, this pack had 3 collared wolves (838M, 777M, 823F) join the pack and subsequently die (2 killed by other wolves, 1 legally harvested in Montana), leaving the pack un-trackable using telemetry equipment. After 870F sustained a neck injury during the 2013 breeding season and lost her status as the alpha female, “Ragged Tail” paired with the alpha male “Puff” to become the new alpha female. At some point in October, “Ragged Tail” disappeared and 870F regained her alpha status; the fate of “Ragged Tail” is unknown. Around the same time, the alpha male “Puff” also disappeared (fate unknown) and “New Male” briefly acted as alpha male until he was found killed by other wolves (likely the 8-Mile pack) at a carcass in December of 2013. “New Male” was identified by a distinctive scar under his right eye based on photographs posted to the Yellowstone Wolf: Project Citizen Science website. 890M took over as alpha male and paired with alpha female 870F until both were replaced by 911M and 970F as alphas in December of 2014. Three Junction Butte females, including 970F, 907F and 969F, were seen breeding during the 2015 mating season. [Updated 4/2015]

Pack composition

ID Social status Age class Color Sex Age Mange status Birth year Birth pack Description
890MSubordinateAdultBlackMale5Uninfected2011This wolf was nicknamed "Patch" before he was radio-collared because of the pattern of hair loss due to his mange infection, from which he has recovered.
907FSubordinateAdultGrayFemale3Uninfected2013Junction Butte PackOnly radio-collared pup from the 2013 cohort. Her minor mange infection in late fall 2013 worsened through the 2014 winter, but she has made a full recovery as of March 2015.
911MAlphaAdultGrayMale6Uninfected2010Birth year 2010 or 2011. This wolf was with the Blacktail alpha male (778M) from fall 2013 until the 2014 breeding season. Later in the winter he was with 755M, 889F, and a black adult female from the Junction Butte pack. During the 2014 denning season, he and the Junction Butte black adult female re-joined the Junction Butte pack. He previously had mange but appears to have recovered.
969FSubordinateAdultGrayFemale3Uninfected2013Junction Butte Pack
No ID yetSubordinateAdultBlackMale12015Junction Butte Pack
No ID yetSubordinateAdultBlackFemale12015Light black color
No ID yetSubordinateAdultGrayUnknown12015Junction Butte Pack
No ID yetSubordinateAdultGrayUnknown12015Junction Butte Pack
No ID yetSubordinateAdultGrayUnknown12015

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Past pack members

ID Social status Age class Color Sex Age Mange status Birth year Birth pack Death year Description
869MSubordinateUnknownGrayMale4Uninfected2012Junction Butte Pack869M had severe hair loss over most of his body due to mange infection during the 2012/2013 winter. By April 2014 he appears mange-free. Last location was May 1, 2014 and he may be showing dispersal behavior.
870FUnknownGrayFemale8Uninfected20082015Birth year is 2008 or 2009. During the 2012/2013 breeding season 870F was injured an lost her position as alpha female of the Junction Butte pack. Later in 2013, she traveled with her neck pointed down, as if she is always smelling the ground. In November 2013 she seemed healed and regained her alpha status within the pack. She denned in 2014 but the number of pups is unknown. During the winter of 2014/2015, she was largely alone. 870F was found dead in March 2015.
889FUnknownBlackFemale5Uninfected20112014She was radio-collared as a Junction Butte wolf in winter 2013 and denned unsuccessfully in 2013 as a pair with 890M. During Fall 2013, she traveled with 755M but they also failed to den in 2014. She was harvested during the 2014 wolf hunt.
PuffAlphaUnknownGrayMale?InfectedClassic gray coloration. Only adult gray uncollared male other than "New Male". Smaller than "New Male" who was with the pack often in 2013.
Ragged TailAlphaUnknownGrayFemale?Uninfected
New MaleSubordinateUnknownGrayMale?