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Yellowstone's wolves: 965M from Lamar Canyon Pack

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Photographer:   (Mike's web site)
Species: Wolf
Date taken: 11-15-2016
Date posted: 06-28-2019
Caption: 965 comes back on last time to be with his pack - but invading males from the Bear Tooth back sent him running for his life
Notes: At one time he was a beta with the Lamar Pack, during winter and spring 2016, but conflicts with the alpha (Twin) and possibly another beta (Mottled) led to his expulsion from the Lamars. He then lived on his own for 5 months. But in the spring of 2016, another friendlier beta (Dark Black) led him back to the Lamar Pack. By then both Mottled and Twin has disappeared. Mottled was probably killed in a pack fight, and Twin probably died in a hunting accident. Dark Black also disappeared a short time after he led 965 back to the pack; leaving only 3 wolves: 965, 926, and Little T. 965 seemed to be doing well - recovering nicely from his mange in September 2016. But three Bear Tooth Pack males invaded and took over the Lamars, sending 965 running for his life. Once again 965 was totally alone, but surviving. Two months later he showed up at the Lamar den site again, but the Bear Tooth males were still there. He howled mournfully, from across the valley - for more than a week, wanting to return to his former pack. He even tried to approach the pack again , but again the Bear Tooth males sent him running for his life,Finally he disappeared, but showed up a month later in Paradise Valley - shot dead by a hunter.