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Yellowstone Wolf: Tracking the Packs

Yellowstone's wolf packs

Yellowstone wolf range map Cougar Creek Bechler Wapiti Lake Mollie's Mollie's Crevice 8 Mile Junction Butte 1118F Group (coming soon) 1005F Group (coming soon) Lamar Canyon Cougar Creek Pack Canyon Pack 8 Mile Pack Junction Butte Pack Prospect Peak Pack Lamar Canyon Pack Mollie's Pack Wapiti Lake Pack Snake River Pack (coming soon) Bechler Pack (coming soon) Cinnabar Pack (coming soon) 8 Mile Blacktail Junction Butte 755M + 889F 755M + 889F Lamar Canyon Canyon Mollies Yellowstone Delta Clear Creek Bechler Snake River Cougar Creek Wapiti Pack Cougar Creek Pack Mollies Pack 8 Mile Pack Phantom Lake Pack Junction Butte Pack Lamar Canyon Pack Bachler Pack

Map of 2019 Yellowstone wolf pack territories. Pack territories are clickable and will direct you to additional information on that pack.

95% minimum convex polygons of aerial locations

* No radio collars present, unable to estimate territory size